Relaunching Fiesta in America in 2020

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Can the biggest expo and cultural show of its kind on the U.S. east coast get any bigger? “We have to change with the times,” Nanding Mendez, Fiesta In America’s President and CEO, told Special Edition Press. “So,expect a bigger, bolder and better expo next year.”

Time does not stop just because your watch did, Henry Ford said. It’s true even for the biggest expo and cultural show of its kind on the east coast. Fiesta In America has been reflecting the profile of Filipino Americans since 1998. But 2019 expo attendees are not the Fil-Ams of the ‘90s.

Today’s Fil-Ams are into social media; they’re welded to their cell phones, hooked on streaming – trends non-existent when the event started. The contrast can’t be any starker than Yñigo now creating more buzz than Piolo – Yñigo Pascual is the Philippines’ line-dance king; his father, Piolo, first performed at Fiesta In America more than 10 years ago.

“We have to evolve with the times,” acknowledged Nanding Mendez, the expo’s President. “Our CQI (continuous quality improvement) program demands that we re-examine our mission, revamp the expo’s contents, and refresh our communications campaign based on the community’s changing demographics.”

Millennials are America’s future economic drivers. But over 70% of Fiesta In America’s attendees are Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers. According to Mendez, the expo’s 2020 edition will be re-engineered to attract more participants and businesses with a stake in Fil-Ams who are under-40, while keeping older-adult followers deeply engaged. “We are planning an exciting food and tourism showcase, contests and other new activities,” said

Mendez. “We will reshape Fiesta In America starting next year for a wider audience that will attract more business partners.”