Wrap your brand around some of America’s highest-value consumers: Filipino-Americans


Wall-to-wall consumer interactions make a world of difference in sales, branding, and community relations. That’s why Fiesta In America has been the biggest expo and cultural show of its kind on the US East Coast for the past two decades.

This two-day event works harder for your brand unlike other marketing events that are basically one-and-done. Fiesta In America surrounds Filipinos as some of America’s most in demand niche consumers – with sales triggers and brand enhancers throughout the self contained venue and even after the event through social media. In fact, more than 5,000 Filipinos from New York, New Jersey and nearby

states are expected to attend, providing a large and lucrative niche market for any brand – and this market can be yours for the taking.

Business participants at Fiesta In America can only expect high-quality prospects. With a median household income of $82,389, Filipinos are ranked as one of America’s most affluent consumer groups (the US median household income is $53,657). Here’s more: in New York and New Jersey – the source of more than 90% of Fiesta In America’s attendees – a median family income of over $92,400 places Filipinos first or second among all population groups regardless of race, compared to the U.S. median family income of $65,910.