Fiesta in America Print & Video
Advertising Opportunities

Fiesta Talks Magazine will be distributed to attendees at the Fiesta in America on August 15-16, 2019 for FREE. Circulation is 5,000 and total readership is estimated at 15,000, with the average being 3 readers per copy. Shelf life is at a maximum of six months.


Ad copy is: 8″ x 10.5″ (Fiesta Talks Magazine). The preferred format for digital files is Adobe PDF or a JPEG image file. Please send all finished digital artwork to Photographs and illustrations must be submitted on film (negative, right reading, emulsion side down, 85-line screen.)

(Based on finished artwork, ready for printing.) Finished artwork (black & white only) in the correct size will be accepted without additional charges.

Production Charges: Typesetting or other preparation work will be billed separately to the advertiser at a flat rate of $100.

Video Advertising during the event

Take full advantage of video advertising to maximize Fiesta In America's multi-media marketing capabilities. Your video ad materials can be presented on the outsized hi-res LED screen on-stage and through other online channels. Get in touch with us for video ad placements.

PHILIPPINE FIESTA, INC. reserves the right to alter or reject any advertisements submitted.

Please contact PHILIPPINE FIESTA, INC. for other advertising opportunities that you would like to explore at the venue during the two-day event.

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2018 Fiesta Talks Magazine